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We currently support
Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash

Multi Blockchain Tracking

The world is going to run on Blockchains and the number of digital coins and assets are exploding. BlockKeeper is your book keeping app for Blockchain assets that helps you to track all your digital wealth, income and expenses.

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Maximum Privacy

BlockKeepers’s zero access architecture means that your addresses and meta data are encrypted in a way, that makes it inaccessible to us or anyone else.

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Multi Blockchain

We currently support Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH and Ethereum. More Blockchains and ERC20 Tokens will be added soon.

Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Wallet Overview

Just connect your public keys to conntect all your individual wallets easily and securely. Transactions and holdings will be automatically imported and updated.

Bitcoin Wallet Transaction

Transaction Meta Data

Manage your Blockchain spendings and incomes with ease. Transactions can be labled and enriched with meta data to keep control of your activities and define budgets.

Track your Crypto-Portfolio

All Blockchain assets in one place. Secure and anonymous.
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Privacy & Security

BlockKeeper ist designed to keep all your data secure and make in inaccessible by any other party than yourself. All your sensitive data are completely encrypted and saved on our server to enable multiple device access. Data decryption can only take place on your local device. All transaction updates and inputs are directly requested by your device, without a third party involved. Learn more about our high security standards and how we make sure, no one else than yourself is able to access your transaction and meta data.

Open Source

BlockKeeper is open source and everyone is welcome to participate in the project or fork the repository to start their own version. You can review and rewrite the source code as you want, but you need to keep it open source. BlockKeeper is published under the GNU General Public License 3 (GPLv3).

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Daniel Wingen

Daniel Wingen

Product & Business

Daniel is an early Bitcoin investor and crypto enthusiast with an entrepreneurial spirit. He is well experienced in building up new markets for tech startups, and loves selling products wich are great and useful.
Frank Gasser

Frank Gasser

Fullstack Developer

Frank has 10 years of development experience as a self-taught fullstack developer. He bought his first Bitcoins in 2012 and since then is a cryptocurrency advocate. Frank is the man who gets great stuff done fast.
Dana Nedamalden

Dana Nedamalden

UX/UI Expert

Dana has designed and built products for startups, as well as, long-established companies. Highly convinced by the idea of crypto currencies and advance. Taking a huge head start in this field.