BlockKeeper Features

We are constantly working on new updates and features. These are the major functionalities of our application right now. More coming soon…

Wallet Management

Connect your wallets to BlockKeeper and stay in control of all your holdings & spendings. At the moment we are supporting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Dash. More crypto currencies will be added very soon. Stay in touch and sign up for product updates.  Newsletter signup

Transaction Overview

BlockKeeper aggrigates all wallet activities into one beautiful and intuitive timeline. Enrich your transactions by adding titles, comments and tags. The only thing you need to do is to optimize your spendings.

Wallet Details

Have your wallet always with you. Beside monitoring your transactions in the detailed wallet view, you can also access any important information: Your address as a qr-code, your balances in your favorite currencies, the number of related transactions and much more.

Portfolio coming soon

BlockKeeper creates your personal portfolio on the fly. We aggregate all your accounts and wallets into one portfolio interface, so you know where to invest your savings. This feature will be updated soon to keep you balanced.

Highly Secure

Keep your financial data private and protected with our unique on-device data storage and encryption technologies. We don’t allow emails, addresses, phone numbers and any kind of personal connection. Create your personal BlockKeeper account to receive all updates automatically across platforms and devices.

All Plattforms

BlockKeeper is a responsive web app. It has been made to adapt to your requirements.