Maximum Privacy & High Security

BlockKeeper is designed to keep all your data secure and inaccessible by any other party. All your data is encrypted and saved on our server to enable multiple device access.

We can not (and do not want to) watch your wallet addresses, transactions, private notes or any other of your financial data.

Extended public keys (xPubs) stay on your device only. Just single addresses are used to request funds and transaction data.

The code base of BlockKeeper’s web app and data storage backend is open source. Check it out on Github.

The application backend is on your device and communicates with several blockchain explorers directly.

We do NOT store nor control your crypto assets or private keys!

BlockKeeper only needs your address or extended public key. Our watch only wallet never knows or asks for your private key.

Watch Only Wallet

Watch only wallet means there is no need for you to enter your private keys in order to track your wallet activities. We enable you to watch your assets and transactions live on the blockchains, whenever you want and without the need of using your actual wallet, which stores your private keys. Connecting your wallet to BlockKeeper is very easy: you just need your wallet’s address or extended public key to import all related transaction data. The beauty of BlockKeeper is that you can enrich the imported transactions with personal notes and meta data which only you have access to. NEVER enter your private keys!

High Anonymity

There is no tracking nor logging of personal identifiable information with BlockKeeper. It is not required to enter any personal information in order to create an account. Due to our encryption methods, it is not possible for us nor any other party to access your addresses or read your sensitive notes. In order to keep your privacy as high as possible, there aren’t any advertisements and no other third party scripts running in the BlockKeeper web app. Wallet addresses and transaction data are directly requested from your device with no need to go through our servers.

Client-side Encryption

Your public key and private transaction data is encrypted on your device with an unique generated identifier and crypto-key. Your identifier acts as your personal authentification token and your crypto-key acts as your encryption and decryption key to lock and unlock your data on your local device. Your public keys, addresses, transaction data and sensitive meta data can never be accessed without your crypto-key. If you lose your crypto-key, you lose access to all your aggregated and enriched wallet and transaction data. In this case there is no way to get any information back nor restored. Therefore, NEVER lose your identifier or crypto-key.

Secure xPub Management

Your extended public keys (xPub) are never exposed to any blockchain explorer in order to receive your wallet’s funds and transaction data. The derivation of the possible wallet addresses takes place on your local device. Only data from separated addresses are requested from the blockchain explorer directly by your device. In order to paint the big picture of your wallet, the transaction data of all your wallet’s possible addresses is assembled on your local device only. BlockKeeper never handles any decrypted address data, nor is the BlockKeeper server able to request transaction data from a blockchain explorer in behalf of you. Data decryption is happening to 100% on your device.